Alekos Vretos Quartet @ Jazz + Praxis Jazz Festival, Patras, Greece, 11/6/2015

posted 2015-05-19

A  celebration of jazz - The three-day of Jazz Music "Jazz + Praxis” in Patras International Festival organized every year  by the Cultural Organization of Patras Municipality has marked a significant route of high artistic result and great response by the musical public. This year three nights, from June 11 to 13, 2015 in the ambient space of the atrium of the Old Municipal Hospital an ambitious program brings four jazz  band.  entrance 10 euros/night or 22 euros for the 3 days.

Alekos Vretos Quartet

Greek oudist, pianist and composer Alekos Vretos  has  been merging jazz, Arabic, Greek and Latin music in a masterful blend of sounds from traditional instruments, such as the oud or the nay, vs. the modern ones. As a  bandleader, Alekos has  developed a unique  atmosphere  for  his  music: keeping  traditional   sound in  the front  line, he expands it  through  jazz  improvisation  and  exploding  rhythmic development.

Alekos Vretos, outi
Dimitris Sevdalis, piano
Periklis Trivolis, bass
Kostas Meretakis, percussions

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