Alekos Vretos Project feat. Apostolis Sideris @ Afrikana Jazz Bar, 28/11/2015, Athens, Greece

posted 2015-11-05


Alekos Vretos Quartet feat. Apostolis Sideris @ Afrikana Jazz Bar

28/11/2015, 22.30

13 Ierofanton str. Gkazi, Athens, Greece

Tel.: +30-694-834-4181, +30-210-341-0445

After his personal debut album "Mergin" in 2009, oud soloist and composer Alekos Vretos embarked on a new journey through music he loves. Mixing and matching over the years with his various ensembles (trios, quartets, quintets), he found the musical balance he needed to record this intriguing new work. Arabic, Greek and Latin music elements served on a powerful jazz platter by a strong and colorful band.
This time around in Afrikana, Alekos will be featuring his dear friend and wonderful bass player Apostolis Sideris who currently resides in Istanbul, Turkey.

"K on Top", his new album, is a statement of what musicians can do when they love playing music. The music is played with no blinders on and it explodes every time the improvisations and interactions are brought to a boiling point. Lyrical melodies and sharp harmonic paths deliver different feelings to the audience in every concert.

Line up:

Alekos Vretos - oud
Dimitris Sevdalis - piano
Apostolis Sideris - bass
Dimitris Klonis - drums

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