Alekos Vretos Trio @ Institute Francais D' Athenes. Tribute to Nobel Prize Winner Salah Stetie, 1/3/2016

posted 2016-02-23

An evening with Salah Stétié

In connection with the Day of Francophonie

Cycle "Words on Stage"


01.03.2016, 19.30 | Auditorium Theo Angelopoulos - IFG


The 18th Spring of Poets held from 5 to 20 March 2016 under the title "The Great 20th " offers a retrospective look at the extreme richness of French poetry in the 20th century, poetry has managed to combine the formal invention and the strength of questions about the meaning of life. This century has seen the emergence of huge not only French but also francophone poets and in this context, we are proud to offer the public a conference on Greek poetry and a reading by one of the largest French language poets Salah Stétié.


Presentation: Ioulita Iliopoulou

Readings: Maria Apostolakea

Music: Alekos Vretos Trio

Featuring Thanassis Hatzopoulos


Free admission - Simultaneous translation


Salah Stétié


Born in Beirut in 1929, Salah Stétié cultivated during his studies in Paris at the Sorbonne, the friendship of the great writers and poets of that time as Pierre-Jean Jouve, André-Pierre Mandiargues, André du Bouchet, among others. He then returned to Lebanon and began a brilliant diplomatic career, which led him to take several prestigious positions including Ambassador of Lebanon to the Netherlands or Morocco. His autobiographical book The Extravagance, crowned in 2015 by the prices Saint-Simon, traces much of this career and his life journey.


Salah Stétié is the author of a considerable poetic work that unfolds in a dense and deep language, a look at the world - as Saint-John Perse said in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech in 1960 - "breaks us from our addiction."

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