Alekos Vretos Project @ The Zoo, Chalandri, Greece 1/3/2017

posted 2017-03-01

Alekos Vretos Project on 1st March, 2017 at 22:30 at Zoo - Zood. Pigis 45 - Kato Halandri - 2106745375 

Alekos Vretos Project : Dimitris Sevdalis, piano - Dinos Manos, bass - Dimitris Klonis, drums - Alekos Vretos, oud 

Greek   oudist,   pianist   and   composer   Alekos   Vretos   has   been   merging   jazz, Arabic,   Greek   and   Latin   music   in   a   masterful   blend   of   sounds   from   traditional instruments, such as the oud or the nay, vs. the modern ones.  As a   bandleader, Alekos has   developed   a   unique   atmosphere   for   his   music:   keeping   traditional   sound   in   the front   line,   he   expands   it   through   jazz   improvisation   and   exploding   rhythmic development. "Mergin’”, his first personal album released in 2009 — following ‘Yunan’ with The   Meliti   Ensemble   in   2004   —   was   welcomed   by   audience   and   critics.   A   bold   and tasteful   blend   of   Jazz   and   Arabic   improvisation,   "Mergin’”   takes   oud   playing   to uncharted   territories.   A   heavy   jazz   taste   and   a   fine   traditional   Arabic   scent   emerges from   the   stimulating   matching   with   musicians   such   as   Bassam   Saba   and   Takis Paterelis on this live — like recorded album. "Mergin’” was launched by Jadeo Music, an   indie   record   and   management   company   Alekos   founded   in   Athens,   featuring world, jazz and classical music and fellow artists. He was included in 2013 list of the 100+1 most influential people in the Greek music scene. His last album "K on Top” is a statement of what musicians can do when they love playing music. The music is played with no blinders on and it explodes every time the improvisations and interactions are brought to a boiling point. Lyrical melodies and sharp harmonic paths deliver different feelings in every piece of the CD.

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