Alekos Vretos Quartet @ Institut Francais d Athenes, Greece, 21/3/2017

posted 2017-03-12

Alekos Vretos Quartet
on March 21, 2017 at 19:30 at IFA  ( Institut Francais d Athenes ) - sina 32 - Athens -

The oud player Alekos Vrettos blends Arab, jazz, and latin music with large doses of improvisation. The dominance of the bands and improvisation enhanced by the direct collaboration of musicians on stage. The result is an explosive atmosphere consisting of the rhythm of life. After the CD 'Mergin', Alekos Vretos and the quartet come back with new compositions and a new album . On April 26 we will hear songs from this new album , as well as other compositions (Ara Dinkjian, Marcel Khalife, Simon Shaheen, etc. ) . The " battle " between modern and traditional instruments continues with even more energy  !  

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